Speech Pathology Services we provide:


Speech: We complete an assessment of the speech sounds heard in a number of words. We then look at those sounds to figure out which are developmentally appropriate for children, and which of them need to be treated. We complete a differential diagnosis of the type of speech sound difficulty a child is having, before coming up with a treatment plan with the family. 

For adults experiencing speech difficulties, we can similarly assess and then provide treatment and strategies to improve overall intelligibility of speech. 

Teacher and Pupil

Language: This includes the ability to comprehend and use language. Depending on your or your child's age and abilities, your therapist may choose to do a formal assessment of language skills or a more natural and play based observation of abilities. Or they may decide to do a mix of both. 

Language therapy can involve a range of drill and worksheet based exercises as well as play based and functional treatment options to improve your ability to use and understand language in everyday situations. 

A Girl in a Classroom

Literacy: Speech Pathologists have a key role in assessing reading and spelling skills. We will choose from a variety of assessments to look at a child's phonological awareness, sound/letter skills, segmenting, blending and reading comprehension to figure out where a child's break down may be. We also look at language skills to investigate whether vocabulary and other language factors are contributing to the literacy difficulties. 

We use phonics based systems to target literacy and improve a child's love of and confidence with reading.


Voice: Voice therapy refers to the treatment of vocal disorders causing hoarseness, vocal straining or loss, and breathiness or difficulties projecting your voice. This can be a result of strained vocal folds, nodules, oedema and a number of other factors. 

Voice therapy can be fun and involves lots of strange and funny noises to reduce tension, improve breath support and the quality of the voice. This is not only for professional voice users, but can affect many everyday people as well. 

At present, we are not taking any new voice referrals. 

Girl Drinking Water

Dysphagia: This refers to difficulties with eating and drinking and can affect adults and children.


We can assess for oropharyngeal dysphagia (difficulties at the mouth or throat level), as well as providing support for some behavioural difficulties associated with dysphagia. 

At present, we are not taking any new referrals for children with complex feeding difficulties. 

Speech Pathology Services we cannot provide at this point in time:

There are some areas of Speech Pathology which require more specialist skill sets, that we cannot provide, or have very limited capacity to service due to time constraints. Over time we may build on our skill set by completing more Professional Development, accessing supervision and bringing on new clinicians, but at this point in time we are unable to accept new referrals for the following clients: 

- children or adults who stutter

- voice therapy

- children with complex feeding difficulties

- clients using AAC or requiring AAC to be set up for them (Alternative and Augmentative communication devices)