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Career Opportunities


About Us

LS Health Services is a multi-disciplinary practice with Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Allied Health Assistance in Jimboomba, just south of Brisbane. Our mission is to provide high quality services to families and individuals in an environment that suits their needs. We focus on servicing our local community, through strong relationships with schools, day-care centres, medical practices, and residential facilities. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere and achieving our clinical goals. We are looking to grow both our team and service offer to our existing and new clients. Positions are open to both experienced and new/early career clinicians.


Supportive Team Environment

At LS Health Services, we pride ourselves on fostering a work culture that seamlessly blends professionalism with genuine support. Joining our team isn't just about a job; it's about becoming an integral part of a close-knit community where everyone is considered family. With structured supports across new graduate years, regular meetings and opportunities to learn, you'll be setting yourself up for a meaningful career that empowers your growth. 



Collaborative Dynamics

Enjoy the collaborative nature of our work culture. As a team member, you'll experience the benefits of working closely with our own group of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Orofacial Myologist and Allied Health Assistants. You will also have the opportunity to work within a larger network of visiting providers (our physiotherapist and play therapist) as well as other community supports including GPs, kindergartens and other allied health providers.


Whole-person focus & family centred

Be part of a team that understands the significance of family, and community connections, in the therapeutic process and for achieving long term success. We accpt that each person is a sum of their parts, and that we need to consider all aspects of an individual, as well as the support network that surrounds them. You will have the opportunity to enhance your own case management and holistic goal setting skills as we encourage you to look at the broader picture, including family and informal supports as part of your treatment plan. You'll be able to grow with specific tools, opportunities to run joint therapy sessions and guidance through supervision. 



Individualised Growth

Your professional journey matters to us. As part of the LS family, you'll be supported in understanding and articulating your individual needs and career aspirations. We are committed to assisting you in developing skills that align with your interests and helping you evolve into the best clinician you can be. 


Flexibility in Practice

We understand that a fulfilling career is one that adapts to your needs. Negotiate your working hours, explore flexible arrangements and enjoy options like a 9-day fortnight, and RDO every month or flex time. Your work-life balance is not just acknowledged; it's actively encouraged. 

You'll also have the opportunity to provide flexible support options to your clients, based on best practice guidelines, and not based on how an administrator chooses to book your calendar up. We focus on the needs of each client, so through supervision, you can develop individualised plans for clients that may include more than 1 session per week, group sessions, community visits or functional treatment options. Flexibility is also carried over to our service delivery. 



New Graduate Program

Contact Hours:

  • FIRST WEEK: No billable hours expected during induction period.

  • FIRST 3 MONTHS: Build up to 25% billable hours with mostly existing transitioned clients and some simple new assessments. 

  • FIRST 6 MONTHS: Build up to standard 55% billable hours with a mix of new assessments and transitioned clients (billables include face to face client contact, stakeholder meetings, case conferences & report writing).



  • FIRST 6 MONTHS: 1.5 hours of clinical supervision per week, 1.5 hours of group supervision per fortnight and 1.5 hours of tutorials per fortnight.

  • FIRST YEAR: 1.5 hours of clinical supervision per week, 1.5 hours of group supervision  (except for once a month the supervision being replaced with a tutorial).


No off-site work unless absolutely clinically necessary or desired for the first 6 months. RACF visits to be completed following an induction with accompanying experienced clinician. ​

6-12 months: Offsite visits for routine visit sites only (e.g. schools/kindergartens that we currently have a relationship with). 

Off-site visits may be conducted in discussion with leadership team after 12 months. 


Career Progression

Yearly pay and role reviews allow us to continue to work towards career and lifestyle goals. Leadership skills are encouraged and can be actively supported through taking on projects, quality improvement activities, innovative initiatives, supervision of students and AHAs and eventually early career clinicians. Opportunities to focus on clinical or more administrative leadership skills. 


You can have a strong say in your caseload. Develop your career and learning goals, and gain the education and experience, and we will support to build that caseload with you.  


All Staff

Contact Hours: 

  • 55% -billable hours minimum target.

  • Junior staff use non-billable time for additional learning and planning. 

  • Senior staff use some non-billable time to take on additional senior and leadership opportunities. 


  • SECOND YEAR: 1 hour of clinical supervision per week, 1.5 hours of group supervision per week. 

  • THIRD YEAR & BEYOND: 1 hour of clinical supervision per fortnight, 1.5 hours of group supervision per fortnight. 

  • ALL STAFF: Quarterly development meetings with business director to review goals, express ideas, concerns or opportunities for further development. 

Professional Development:

  • Generous PD allowance and 2 or more days of paid PD leave. 

  • Quarterly whole team PD days during each school holiday period. 

Your own clinical space to work from (a regular room that you can use and add your own touches too) including all resources, with computer or laptop. 

Internal and external professional development and supervision opportunities. 

Ongoing work shadowing and learning opportunities. 

A predominantly paediatric caseload with options for building a mixed adults/paeds caseload if this interests you). 

Learning and absorbing yourself in a neurodiversity affirming workplace & framework, encouraging inclusivity for clients and staff. 

Flexible working hours and conditions. Negotiate the hours that work for you including 9 day fortnight, an RDO every month or flex time. 

Bonus Pay Structure for working additional billable hours. Get paid for the extra effort invested. 

Contract negotiated options include additional paid leave, additional PD leave, and higher billable targets. 

Car available for mobile visits. 


How to Apply:

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to For any queries, please email, or call the clinic on 0401 195 038. 

Currently Offering:

  • Speech Pathologist (Experienced, New Graduate)

  • Occupational Therapist (Experienced, New Graduate)

  • Allied Health Assistants

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