Our Processes


Our Waitlist Process

Our practice keeps a waitlist for all services offered at our clinic. This is to ensure that our clinicians do not become overbooked, and that our clients are able to be booked in for regular ongoing appointments rather than just sporadic appointments here and there. We do this by taking some details before you go on our waitlist to make sure we are able to offer the services you are seeking. This avoids clients sitting on the waitlist for long periods of time only to find out at their appointment that we do not provide the services they are seeking.


If we are able to provide the services you are seeking, then you will be placed on our waitlist and called or emailed to offer you services as regular appointment spots become available. Clients who have more flexibility with times they are able to attend the clinic may receive services faster than clients who are waiting for particular days/times.


If we are not able to provide the services you are seeking, then our admin or clinical team will call or email you to help provide you with some alternative clinics or services who may be able to meet your needs. While we understand that many people prefer local services, there are some specialised services that we are unable to provide and may require clients to travel to specialist clinics closer to Brisbane.

PLEASE NOTE: Our OT waitlist is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience. 



Our Intake Process

When you ask to be placed on our waitlist, you will be sent a digital intake form by email. Once you return these forms, one of our clinicians will review the information you provide to ensure we are able to provide the services you are seeking.


If you do not provide enough information, you may be called and asked to provide additional details, or emailed a new form with a request to provide more detailed information.


If you do not return the form, we cannot place you on the waitlist. Our forms have a 7-day expiry period, after which you will be notified that we were unable to place you on the waitlist. If this occurs, you may call and request a new form in order to be placed back on the waitlist.



Our Initial Assessment Consults

Before you commence therapy for any services, you must attend an initial assessment consultation. During this consultation, your clinician will complete an interview with the client or their primary carer to gather as much background information as possible, determine the areas of concern to be addressed, and what the functional goals for the client are. Formal or informal assessment is usually also completed and may require a second session for larger assessments. A primary caregiver must be present for initial consultations where clients are unable to report their medical history independently and to sign consent forms. 


Our initial consultation package includes your initial consultation session and your initial consultation report. Your initial consultation is packaged with a report so that your clinician can review the results of any assessment and provide these to you in written form, as well as providing a written summary of the recommendations for ongoing supports.


Once your initial assessment consultation is complete, your clinician will discuss the best option for ongoing support for you. This may include starting therapy to target your goals, completing therapy with our Allied Health Assistant if suitable, referral to other services for additional/alternative supports (eg, psychology, physio), or referral to a more specialised service (eg, LifeTec for specialist AAC devices).



Our Therapy Consultations

Our standard therapy consultations are 60 minutes in total. This includes 50 minutes of time in the consult room with your clinician, and an additional 10 minutes of time before and after your session finishes for your clinician to prepare the materials for your session, update your therapy plan, clean any resources used and keep records of your session.


We also offer short therapy consultations to some clients who are better suited to shorter sessions than longer sessions (eg, very young clients, clients who are splitting therapy over two sessions per week, etc). These sessions are 45 minutes in total with 35 minutes in the consult room with your clinician.


We book therapy blocks in a term-by-term basis. Therapy is booked for the next term during the school holidays and follows 12-week blocks (10 weeks of term and 2 weeks of the school holidays). Towards the end of each term block, your clinician will review your therapy progress and discuss ongoing recommendations. This can include readiness for discharge from service, need to transition to different services, taking a break from therapy, or continuing for another term block.